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Piano Teacher

Grace Beauchamp enjoys various musical endeavors and enjoys many genres of music. She has been playing the piano for over 30 years. She started taking music classes at the age of 4 and continued with private classical piano lessons throughout her childhood.

Grace completed her Royal Conservatory Grade 8 practical piano and theory requirements in 1998 while still in high school. She has accompanied and participated in various choirs, participated in band and jazz-band and Church music and children's ministries. In addition to being a full time mom and teacher, she is currently completing requirements towards her ARCT Degree with the Royal Conservatory of Toronto.

Grace is a full-time professional piano teacher. Music and teaching is her passion. She loves to see students of all ages accomplishing their musical and personal goals. She feels truly blessed to be able to share the gift of music with her students and their families.

When not busy teaching piano lessons, Grace enjoys gardening, reading, hiking, bowling and various outdoor activities with her family. She is also 'mom' to several exotic pet birds, and 2 dogs.

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