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Studio Policies

Studio Policies

Please do not bring friends along to lessons. Only necessary family members should be present.

No food, drink or gum in the classroom.

No nuts or products containing nuts may be brought into the entrance or into the studio

Please come with clean hands or wash upon arrival.

You may use my washroom upstairs, however please ask first.


Please arrive to drop-off and pick-up your child on time. Arriving several minutes early for lessons is best.

Students and parents may wait in the foyer on the bench behind the front door.

Jackets and shoes should be removed and placed at the bottom of the stairs during your lesson time.

Missed Lessons & Illness:

There are no refunds or credits for missed lessons.

If the teacher misses a scheduled lesson, then it will be made up at a mutually convenient time.

If the student is sick, please give as much notice as possible. (The lesson may possibly be made up at the teachers discretion if there is a time available. Make-up lessons will not be offered for any reasons other than illness.)

If you know you are unable to attend a lesson please let me know as soon as possible by phone.

Fees & Payment:

Post-dated cheques dated to the first of each month for Sept-June are due upon registration

All lessons are pre-paid, no exceptions

NSF cheques will be charged a $30 fee

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